Kentucky Detoxification Programs

Detox help for KentuckyOnly about 35 facilities in Kentucky offer detoxification programs in a residential setting or inpatient hospital detox center. Together they combine to serve roughly 230 people at any given time.

The most unfortunate side of this is that there are over 2,000 people on methadone maintenance programs in Kentucky through about a dozen facilities, so there are nearly ten times the number of addicts being put on drugs as there are being detoxed from them. While Kentucky is not alone, it's no wonder that there is such a heavy drug problem, especially with prescription painkillers, when there is backwards thinking like this in the detox and treatment field.

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Detox Help for KY

Find the right detoxification programBelieve it or not, most addicts do not need to go to a detox center, even many who are on opiates. While experiencing withdrawal symptoms may be uncomfortable, to say the least, sometimes it can be a good reminder of why you don't want to have to go through this again. There are also techniques that can help ease the withdrawal symptoms at some holistic programs. If there is a question as to whether or not it is necessary, we can help you find qualified doctors and other treatment professionals to help you make that decision based on your medical situation. However, if detox is an option for you and you're able to attend one before going on to a long-term rehabilitation program, then we can certainly assist you in locating an effective detoxification center.

There are definitely situations that do require a more medically-supervised detox program to step down off of certain drugs in a safe manner. Many people go to regular detox clinics in Kentucky, and while they may be withdrawn from their main drug, they get prescribed one or more drugs after they leave. This is more than slightly ironic, because people go to detox programs to get off drugs, not to simply exchange one damaging toxin for another.

There are detox programs available that will safely withdraw someone from all of the drugs they are taking without prescribing new ones, and some specialized facilities go much further beyond that and have entire physical cleansing programs to detoxify the entire body of stored drug residues and help incorporate nutritional supplements to feel and think better. For more information about these and other types of detox centers in Kentucky, contact us today.

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