Kentucky Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Drug rehabilitation help for KentuckyThere are about 50 residential drug rehabilitation facilities in Kentucky that are servicing nearly 1,400 people in the state on any given day. With only 25 people per facility on average, this makes up just 7 percent of the total treatment population in the state. Even worse, only 5 percent of these people (less than 1,000 combined) attend long-term rehabilitation programs.

With more than 20,000 annual admissions to alcohol and other drug rehabilitation programs in Kentucky each year, this limited availability of long-term programs is a huge problem, which gets worse when the types of treatment are inspected. By comparison, nearly 100,000 people each year claim they need but don't receive rehabilitation services in Kentucky.

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What is Rehabilitation Really?

Find the right drug rehabilitation programTo rehabilitate someone means to help restore them to the way they were before the accident or problem at hand. In the case of alcohol and drug rehabilitation this should mean to restore them mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Unfortunately, most programs fall unbelievably short of this task and only treat the symptoms rather than helping solve the whole problem.

A full rehabilitation would include addressing not just the habits and routines of addiction, but also the physical cravings and overall health, the ability to create a stable environment away from native influences and the ability to improve the conditions in life in areas such as family/home, work, and other groups. We often find that most people from Kentucky who do become rehabilitated have a stronger sense of self and spirituality and therefore a renewed desire to be active in their own faith or church.

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